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Transfer Existing Email Accounts to New Hosting Plan


Help with Email Transfer

Worried about keeping all your existing email accounts when you switch hosting?

  • If your previous hosting company uses cPanel and you are transferring to an A Small Orange account with cPanel, then we can migrate your current email boxes and messages right over!

  • If your previous hosting company did NOT use cPanel, we recommend that you archive your old emails and create new mailboxes with the same names in the cPanel of your new hosting package. That way you transfer them over yourself.

  • If you are transferring to A Small Orange from a non-cPanel account we cannot guarantee that we can transfer your email. For more information get in touch with us.

Archive Your Emails

The fastest method is to setup a POP3 connection via Outlook or another mail client. POP3 connections are designed to save every email received to your computer (and can also be set to save copies on your server.)

Transfer Your Email Over

If your previous hosting company uses cPanel and your A Small Orange hosting account has cPanel, and we are migrating your website and email for you, then the accounts and email will be configured for you.

We recommended that you set up your new email accounts as soon as you can login to your A Small Orange cPanel. See how in our Set Up an Email Address article.

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