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Setting Up Custom Nameservers

If you have a VPS or Dedicated Server, you likely want to use it for your DNS as well! We can help you with that. See the below instructions to learn how.
Note: editing your DNS zones can greatly change or break your website. BE CAREFUL.

Resellers and Shared account customers can still set up vanity nameservers using our cluster, with instructions down below this next section.

  1. Log in to WHM

  2. Select Edit a DNS Zone in the DNS Functions menu on the left

    If you do not already have a cPanel account set up for the domains you want to use, please do that first so you can edit its zone file.

    Note: you may see separate ns1 and ns2 zones int he Edit a DNS Zone selection box. We're going to replace those zones with records in the main zone, and those zones should be deleted after this is complete.

  3. Click Edit

  4. Add the following items, replacing italicized items with their proper values:

    • example.com. || 14400 || NS || ns1.example.com.
      Note: don't forget the "." after ".com". This is important!

    • example.com. || 14400 || NS || ns2.example.com.

    • ns1 || 14400 || A || SERVER IP 1

    • ns2 || 14400 || A || SERVER IP 2

  5. Click Save

  6. Go to your domain registrar and register the nameservers to point to the server's two NS IP addresses and allow 24-72 hours for DNS to propagate

That should be it! You received your server's nameserver IPs in your welcome email.

For Reseller or Shared Server Accounts

As a Reseller or general Shared Account user, you may want to set up nameservers with your own domain. It's never necessary, of course, as you can simply use ours: 


But if you want, you can also use your own. Follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Log into cPanel

    Now we're going to set up A records so that your nameservers point to IPs.

  2. Click Advanced Zone Editor, from the Domains section of cPanel

  3. Select the domain of your new nameservers from the available dropdown list

  4. In the Add a Record section, enter the following information:

    Type: A
    Name: ns1
    TTL: 14400

  5. Click Add Record, and once it's done, enter the following for your second nameserver

    Type: A
    Name: ns2
    TTL: 14400

  6. Click Add Record, and voila!

    Now all that needs to be done is to register those namservers at your registrar.

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