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Cancel Your Account

The best option is to request cancellation from within your Customer Area:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area: https://customers.asmallorange.com/clientarea.php.

  2. Click Your Services in the Your Services section

  3. Click the arrow adjacent to the View Details button next to the product in question.

  4. Click Request Cancellation.

    Note: Be aware when you do this, all your info for that plan will get deleted. 

Domain Owners

When you fill out the form, we will cancel only your hosting service package. If you also want to stop the domain registration itself with us, please reply back here and tell us. Otherwise, we will keep your registration active and you could be billed for it.

PayPal Subscriptions

Canceling service with us will not cancel any recurring payments you already have setup for this package in PayPal (if you have any). In order to stop your PayPal account from sending us payment, you need to manually cancel your PayPal subscription for this package (if you made one). Otherwise, you will continue to see payments for this package come out of your PayPal balance. Our Terms of Service state that you will not get refunded for payments made by a PayPal subscription for a canceled package. If you need help figuring out how to cancel your PayPal subscriptions, check out our handy how-to here.

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