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Webmail Settings and Options

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Instructions applicable for Apple iPhone/iTouch.

Before You Begin

Some more important notes before we begin:

  • Make sure the email address(es) you will be sending from have been authorized for your account in your cPanel.

  • Check that your email server/account have already been set up and is collecting email correctly.

  • Take a note of any settings you change!

  • Only change the items specified. You should not need to change your incoming email settings.

  • These instructions are only for Apple iPhone and iTouch using iOS3. Please see our OS7 setup guide for more info.

Set Up Email on Your Phone

  1. From within your device's home screen, click Settings (gear icon)

  2. Scroll down and click 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' 


  3. Select the email account to modify from the Accounts section

  4. Click the account name again, adjacent to the text 'Account' 

    mail section

  5. Scroll down to the Outgoing Mail Server section and click 'SMTP'.

  6. Click Primary Server.

  7. Ensure the slider to the right is in the 'On' position

  8. In the Host Name blank, enter your host name as communicated in your Welcome email

  9. In the User Name and Password blanks enter that info as supplied to you in your Welcome email

  10. Toggle the 'Use SSL' option off unless you want to use SSL and have already enabled SSL for your account
    Note: not sure? Want SSL and don't have it? Hit us up and we'll help out. And check out our SSL info page.

  11. Click Authentication and check the 'Password' option then return back to the previous screen

  12. Click Server Port, near the bottom, and change it to one of the alternate port numbers; we recommend you use port  but you can also use 25, 26, or 465.
    Note: use port 587 if you DO want to use StartTTLS SSL encryption. Otherwise, SSL is available on all ports. 


  13. Navigate back to the main Settings page... you're done!

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