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View Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk and Other Folders

If your Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk and other IMAP folders are missing, subscribe to them again to make them appear.


  1. Click the Folders icon at the top of the screen.

  2. Choose the Rebuild Folder Tree option from the dropdown. box.

  3. Then choose the Check Folders for New Mail option from the same box.


  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Folders.

  3. Re-subscribe to each folder by clicking the check box next to each one.


  1. Go to Options > Folder preferences.

  2. Select all of the folders listed.

  3. Click Subscribe.


  1. Click the Tools menu and select IMAP Folders.

  2. Click the Query button.

  3. Select desired folders.

  4. Click the Subscribe button.

  5. Click OK.

iPhone, iPod Touch

If you sync IMAP mail account settings from your computer to iPhone or iPod touch, the IMAP folders may show under your Inbox folder. In this case, you need to specify the IMAP path prefix.

  1. You can enter the IMAP path prefix by choosing Settings > Mail > Account > Advanced > IMAP Path Prefix.

  2. Enter the word INBOX (all caps).

  3. Click Save.

Windows Mail

  1. Click IMAP Folders.

  2. In the Show/Hide IMAP Folders dialog box, select a folder.

  3. To view the folder and download its contents, click Show.

    • To hide the folder and prevent its contents from downloading, click Hide

Windows Live Mail

In order for IMAP to work correctly with Windows Live Mail, the settings are by default set to not assign mail folders correctly. You will need to create a path for the folders under the IMAP tab on Account Properties. Be sure that the boxes for Check new messages in all folders and Store special folders on IMAP server are checked. The path for these folders are :

  1. Inbox: Inbox.

  2. Drafts: Drafts.

  3. Junk: Junk.

  4. Deleted Items: Trash.

  5. Sent Items: Sent.

If the paths are set up accordingly, the other alternative is to delete the mail account within Windows Live Mail and recreate the email account from scratch. The removal of the email account will not affect your emails on the server


  1. Go to Files and click Subscribe.

  2. Select desired folders.

  3. Click Subscribe.

  4. Click OK.

Mac OS X Mail Client

  1. Go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts.

  2. Select your email account and click the Advanced tab.

  3. Check the box next to Automatically synchronize changed mailboxes.

  4. Close the Preferences panel and click save.

  5. Restart the entire mail program.

  6. If your folders are still not showing:

    • Go to the View menu and select Show Mailboxes

    • Now click the expand arrow (triangle) on the left of your email name to reveal your IMAP folders


  1. Select your account in the left margin to view its available IMAP folders

  2. On the toolbar, click the Update List button

  3. From the View menu, make sure there is no check mark next to Subscribed Only. If there is, click on it once to uncheck it

Microsoft Outlook Express

  1. Under Folders on the left side of the screen, select the inbox for your email (NOT the one under Local Folders).

  2. Click the Tools menu > IMAP Folders.

  3. Select desired folders.

  4. Click Show. Folders will appear next to selected folders.

  5. Click OK.


  1. From Eudoras Window menu, select Mailboxes.

  2. Click the expand arrow (triangle) on the left of your email name to reveal the available IMAP folders.

  3. Click on the icon at the bottom right of the mailbox list and select Refresh Mailbox List from the menu.

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