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Transfer a cPanel Account to New VPS

Transferring a cPanel Account from Another Server to Your VPS

  1. Log into WHM.
    Note: do not create the cPanel account first!

  2. Navigate to Transfers, in the left-hand side menu.

  3. Click Copy An Account from Another Server with Account Password.

  4. Enter the account information (server, domain name, IP address, username, password) into the blank text fields.

  5. Click Setup.

If the transfer fails... 

  1. Log into WHM and navigate to Account Functions.

  2. Click Terminate An Account to remove the account you attempted to transfer (if it exists).

  3. Follow the below instructions to manually backup/restore your account from the old server to the new VPS.

Performing a Manual Backup/Restore from the Old Server to the New VPS

Complete these instructions if your initial transfer failed ONLY:

  1. Log in to your previous cPanel account.

  2. Click Backups, located in the Files section.

  3. Click Download or Generate a Full Website Backup.


  4. Use the following settings to create a backup file on your VPS in the '/home' directory:

    Backup Destination: SCP
    Remote Server: (your VPS IP address)
    Remote User: root
    Remote Password: (root pass)
    Port: 22
    Remote Dir: /home 

  5. Click Generate Backup; you'll see a confirmation screen.

  6. Log into WHM.

  7. Click Backups, then Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file.

  8. Enter the username of the account you backed up on the other server (there should be a list of backup files created, including the one you just created).

  9. Click Restore.


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