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Set Up a Test Forum

You've got a working forum with users, but you want to set up a test forum to try out some changes without messing it up for everyone.

Here's a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Log into cPanel.

  2. ​Navigate to and click into MySQL Databases and create a new database called 'forumtest'.

  3. Create the database user and assign it to forumtest.

  4. Create a subdirectory (or folder) under public_html, call it 'forumtest'.

  5. Install your forum software into that forumtest folder (be sure to give it the new database information you created above).

  6. You would access the test forum at http://example.com/testforum; would have it's own admin panel and it's own database, so any changes you make would only happen in the test forum.

    Optional Steps

  7. If you want real data to test with, go to cPanel then MySQL Databases, then phpMyAdmin and finally Export.

  8. Export your live forum database as an .sql dump (default options, no compression).

  9. Then import the .sql file into your testforum database.

Now, you have all your forums posts and settings replicated into your test database. Again, any changes made to the test forums will not happen to your live forums.

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