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Restore Account to Original Setup

If you want to start completely over with your account, there are several ways this can be accomplished depending on what exactly you want to reset.

Note: make sure to absolutely create a backup of everything you are deleting in case you need it later. Otherwise, once deleted, it may not be recoverable.

Reset One Folder (public_html, www, cgi-bin)

If you want to start fresh with your website (or a part of your website) and wish to retain all other settings, such as email accounts, then it is best to only delete the unwanted website files.

  • You can delete the 'public_html' folder and recreate it, which will delete all contents of your primary website as well as any add-on domain folders and their contents.

  • You can delete folders contained inside the 'public_html' folder and recreate them, which will allow you to be more specific about what you would like to have removed.

If you accidentally delete folders outside of 'public_html', we can recreate them as empty folders. Simply submit a ticket to our Support team for assistance.

Remove a Database

If you wish to delete a script or would like to restart with a new database, you can delete the old MySQL database and then create a new one as needed. Check out our MySQL section for more about dealing with MySQL databases.

Reset Everything

Shared Hosting Accounts

We can wipe your account fully clean, but doing this will delete EVERYTHING. This includes all files, databases, emails, email accounts, account settings, etc. The account will be fully terminated and then re-created. Please submit a ticket to get this rolling.

Reseller, VPS, Dedicated Hosting Accounts

Simply terminate the cPanel and then re-create it in WHM. This completely deletes the account and creates a new empty one. If you need help with this just let us know!

Restore My Site with Previous Content

This is a completely different request. Get in touch with us so we can help you out with this request.