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Override PHP Settings

Sometimes, your site may require a local adjustment to the default or system-wide php.ini values. This might be to increase the maximum file size allowed to upload through a form, or some other setting.

Most of our systems run PHP with suPHP, which requires a full copy of the server's main php.ini for settings to be overridden. Our Support team can provide the appropriate file for you and make any edits you need.

In order to apply the custom php.ini part of your website, a suPHP configPath directive pointing to the directory with the php.ini needs to be present in the .htaccess file for that part of your site. The directive looks like this:

suPHP_configPath /home/username/

Note: where 'username' is your cPanel username.

If you are on a Shared server, please check in with our Support team to get a custom php.ini. If you are on a server where you have root access, like a Dedicated or VPS, we will be glad to help you with this but you may also want to reference our Use a Custom php.ini File article if you'd like to set it up yourself.

See also Use a Custom php.ini File.