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Our VAT Policy


As a non-EU supplier of electronically-supplied services, we must account for VAT on these services provided to EU non-business customers due to the VAT place of supply rules in Council Directive 2006/112/EC on the common value-added tax system.

To fulfill our EU VAT obligations, we have opted to register for VAT under the special scheme for non-EU suppliers of electronic services, also known as the one-stop scheme, by Articles 357 to 369 of the above EC Directive rather than register for VAT in each EU member state individually.

As we are registered for VAT under this one-stop scheme, we must charge VAT to non-business customers at the rate that applies in the customer's member state. The VAT collected will be paid to HM Revenue & Customs in the UK, as this is where we have chosen to register for the one-stop scheme from an administrative perspective.


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