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Nexus Codes for Domain Registration

When registering a .us domain with A Small Orange, you’ll come across a few settings that may not be very clear just by looking at them.
​You’ll arrive at a screen that looks something like this:

Nexus Codes

Here is a list of the different Nexus codes to choose from, and what they mean to you:

  • C11 - A citizen of the U.S. or any of its territories
  • C12 - A permanent resident of the U.S. or any of its territories
  • C21 - An organization incorporated within the U.S
  • C31 - An entity that regularly engages in lawful activities in the U.S
  • C32 - An entity that has an office or other facility in the U.S

Just choose the Nexus category and Application Purpose during checkout that applies to you and your new website.

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