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Move WordPress Out of a Subdirectory

Note: This guide can help you move your WP out of any kind of subdirectory, not just the Softaculous default "wp".

By default, Softaculous will install your WordPress into a subdirectory called 'wp.' To move it up one level or to any other subdirectory, you must perform a few simple tasks involving editing the database.

To get started:

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Settings and then the General section.

    Two settings will be shown: 'home' and 'site URL'.

  3. Change both of these options to your new URL.

  4. ​Log in to your cPanel for the account in question.

  5. Click File Manager and open it for the web root for the domain in question OR the main 'public_html/' directory, depending on where WP is installed.

  6. Navigate into the directory in which WordPress currently resides.

  7. Click Select All, located above the file list.

  8. Click Move File, located in the main command bar.

  9. Type the path the WP files should be in and click 'Move File(s)' (if it is the main domain public_html directory, please leave it as 'public_html/')
    Note: steps 4 to 6 can be done via FTP if you know how it works. You would just move files around it to the same place you would in the File Manager.

This should be done now! Please note you can get in touch with us anytime if anything seems unclear or you are experiencing difficulty.

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