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Monitor Your Server's Status

You can monitor your server's status in cPanel and WHM, which helps keep you aware and updated about it's status and your website.


To view your server's status in cPanel:

  1. Log into cPanel

  2. Scroll towards the bottom of the page

  3. In the Stats panel on the left-hand side of the page click the Server Information link

  4. Check the status of your services in the Service Information section


To view your server's status in WHM:

  1. Log into WHM

  2. Navigate to the Server Status option n the left-hand menu sidebar

  3. Click Server Status

  4. Check the statuses of your services

The Service Status Screen shows the current status of most of the major services configured to run on the server.  Services that are running normally will be marked with a green dot. Services that are running but not responding normally will be marked with a yellow dot. Services that are not responding at all will be marked with a red dot.

Note: the results displayed for the Service Status screen are for the entire server. So if your account is a Reseller Account and there is an issue causing one the the services to not respond normally, the issue may be caused by one of the other accounts on the server that is not within your control. 

Some services that you may see:

  • exim - handles sending and receiving emails

  • pop - handles POP3 connections for checking email

  • imap - handles IMAP connections, also for checking email

  • httpd - handles webpage requests

  • ftpd - handles uploading and downloading files

Is your server down?

Just because your website is down, it doesn't necessarily mean your server is also down. If you cannot access your emails, websites and control panels, then your server may be down.

Third-party monitoring services may not accurately determine the server status due to the method of which the network uptime is checked remotely. This can cause a discrepancy when compared to the Server Apache status and activity. 

Get in touch with us if you feel your server has been down for any length of time. We can investigate the server availability to determine if issues have occurred during the reported time.

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