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Hide Your WHOIS Info

Can I hide my WHOIS information?

ICANN rules and regulations for the domains registered through ASO require accurate and updated contact information for all registered domains. This has been a long-standing policy from the InterNIC and Network Solutions before the registrations were opened up to competing Registrars.

At least annually, a registrar must present to the registrant the current Whois information, and remind the registrant that provision of false Whois information can be grounds for cancellation of their domain name registration. Registrants must review their Whois data, and make any corrections.

Since then, there has been concern about personal information appearing in the public record. This information can be used for spam, phishing, and other unsolicited contacts. 

Adding Domain Whois Privacy

If you've registered your domain already with us and would like to add this service, please contact our Live Support team to enable WHOIS ID protection. If you have not yet registered your domain with us, you can opt for whois privacy through the order wizard. Currently, A Small Orange charges $7.00 per year for WHOIS privacy.

Adding Domain Whois Privacy at Other Registrars

If your domain is not registered through A Small Orange, you should be able to add whois privacy with your existing registrar. Contact your registrar for more details on how to do this, including for information on the cost involved.
Note: This option does not protect your identity from due process of law.

You cannot use this to hide from trademark violation lawsuits, illegal/criminal activity, intentional copyright violations, etc. A Small Orange must comply with properly served subpoenas, court orders, etc. and release information accordingly and whois privacy does not affect that.

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