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Export a MySQL Database

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Export a Database via cPanel

To export a MySQL database via cPanel:

  1. Log into cPanel.

  2. Click phpMyAdmin from the Databases section.
    cPanel - phpMyAdmin

  3. From the left-hand sidebar, click the name of the database you want to export.

  4. Click the Export tab/button up near the top.
    cPanel - phpMyAdmin Export tab

  5. Choose your export method and your format from the available dropdowns.
    cPanel - phpMyAdmin Export - Go button

  6. Click the Go button.

  7. Choose where to save your export, and what to name it in the pop-up.
    cPanel - phpMyAdmin - Save As

Export a Database via Command Line

mysqldump -u DBUSER -pDBPASS DBNAME > dump.sql

Replace the text in the uppercase letters with the appropriate information:

  • DBUSER - Database user with privileges to the database

  • DBPASS - Password for the database user

  • DBNAME - Database name

If your password contains special characters like (* ? [ < > & ; ! | $), you will either need to escape them with a backslash, put the password between single quotes, or leave the password out (you'll be prompted to enter a password).

Here are some examples:

Escaped Password

mysqldump -u DBUSER -pM\*Y\?P\[A\<S\>S\&W\;O\!R\|D\$ DBNAME > dump.sql

Password In Quotes

mysqldump -u DBUSER -p'M*Y?P[A<S>S&W;O!R|D$' DBNAME > dump.sql

No Password

mysqldump -u DBUSER -p DBNAME > dump.sql

Also, if you're trying to export a database that's located on a different server, you'll need to set the database server hostname (by default the hostname is localhost or

mysqldump -h DBHOST -u DBUSER -p DBNAME > dump.sql

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