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Dedicated Server vs. VPS Comparison


Consider Purchasing a VPS if...

  • Your site is currently on a shared environment and your needs exceed what the account has to offer (i.e. you need more space or more control over your account)

  • You currently have an existing lower level VPS account and want a smooth upgrade process that will allow you to maintain your existing IP addresses and environment settings

While a VPS offers more flexibility than a Shared or Reseller hosting environment, the server's resources are still shared amongst other VPS users. If the site needs its own dedicated environment, it's always possible to upgrade from a VPS to a Dedicated Server once the traffic warrants it. You can just get in touch with us to talk about upgrading or what your other options are.

Consider Purchasing a Dedicated Server if...

  • You are ordering a new hosting account and require server access

  • You would like full use of an entire server

  • ​You'd like more help monitoring or maintaining your server

Consider Upgrading to a VPS from a Shared Hosting Account if...

  • If your site uses minimal resources but requires root access to install/configure certain software

  • If you require a larger email limit than 500 per domain per hour

Consider Upgrading to a Dedicated Server if...

  • If your account has been suspended multiple times for TOS/CPU issues (resource issues)

  • If your account is/was already on a Dedicated Server (it's typically not recommended to downgrade from a dedicated server to a VPS)

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