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Create a Hosting Package in Reseller Central

A hosting package is a compilation of default settings you would set for different level of accounts you plan to sell. For example on our website we currently have three shared hosting packages: Personal, Business and Enterprise. Each of these contain different limits. To create a hosting package for your reseller account:

  1. Login to Reseller Central by visiting https://cp.hostnine.com/

  2. In the Packages section click Create Packages

  3. Configure the package (set the options) per the specifics outlined below:

    • Disk Space - the limit on the account which would only allow the customer to use the amount of disk space up to the limit specified in megabytes (1000mb = 1gb)

    • Bandwidth - the bandwidth limit the account would be allowed to use in megabytes (1000mb = 1gb)

    • Max FTP Accounts - limit the number of FTP accounts the customer would be allowed to create

    • Max Email Accounts - the limit of email accounts the customer would be allowed to create

    • Max Email Lists - if the customer plans to use the Mailman email list software that is pre installed, this will limit the number of email lists the customer is allowed to create

    • Max Databases - the maximum number of MySQL databases the customer is allowed to use

    • Max Sub Domains - maximum number of subdomains the customer can create. (i.e. sub.domain.com)

    • Max Parked Domains - the maximum number of parked domains this user is allowed to add

    • Max Addon Domains - the maximum number of addon domains the user is allowed to add

    • CGI Access - checking the corresponding box would allow the account holder to run CGI Scripts on their account

    • FrontPage Extensions - will allow the user to use Frontpage to create and update their website

    • cPanel Theme - this would be the cPanel theme the user would see when accessing their cPanel account, the x3 theme is the most popular

  4. Click Create Package

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