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Converting Existing Named to NSD

Convert Existing Named to NSD

NSD is an open-sourced server program for the Domain Name System (DNS). cPanel version 11.24 included NSD integration. NSD is a lightweight, fast alternative to BIND. It may be ideal for low-memory VPSes.

NoteNSD is an authoritative-only Nameserver. BIND also includes caching/resolution services. You should be sure that the file /etc/resolv.conf does not contain or your server IP addresses before proceeding with this. If it does, please contact Tech Support to have that updated on your VPS system (most VPSes will be configured to use an ASO caching server and OpenDNS in /etc/resolv.conf).

Command Line Conversion

  1. Log in to your VPS as root using SSH.

  2. Run this command: /scripts/setupnameserver nsd.

The conversion should run in the background.

Conversion Using the GUI/WHM Interface

  1. Log in to Web Host Manager (WHM).

  2. Select Service Configuration and then Nameserver Selection.

  3. Select NSD and click Save.