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Configuring Advanced Apache and PHP

Advanced Apache/PHP Configuration

Note: please review the basic How to Update Apache before continuing. This article continues with advanced options for Apache/PHP.

In the EasyApache utility, there is an option for Exhaustive Options List.
These options span several screens, and include Apache modules as well as PHP extensions and modules you can use.

Apache Modules

Most of the defaults are acceptable. Anything not enabled by default is probably not needed, unless you know why. 
Some Apache modules will display differently depending on the Apache version you selected earlier. 

Other Modules

Many of these are additional servers such as Tomcat (.jsp pages), Mono (ASP.NET) and PHP Extensions like Suhosin, Zend Optimizer, etc. They were previously seen in the "Short Options List" in the initial configuration.

IonCube Loader for PHP
Mod Mono
Mod Security
Suhosin for PHP
SourceGuardian Loader for PHP
Zend Optimizer for PHP

PHP Modules

Each of these modules enable particular functionality with PHP. Generally, you should only enable those that you need to keep overall memory usage low. You can visit http://php.net to find the details on each module and what it does. The following options are commonly needed so be sure they are selected.

TTF (FreeType)

Finishing Up

Once you've selected the PHP modules you need, you can Save and Build. 

This process will take a while. The whole process is logged to a file, and if there is an error you will be presented an error message or a note to check the log file. If you run into an error, you can submit a support request and copy the error messages you received along with your detailed explanation of the problem.

If everything builds okay, congratulations! You can now restart your other services and start using your new Apache configuration!

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