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CodeGuard Monitoring and Notifications

CodeGuard monitors your site daily and notifies you any time there is a change within the website's source code. Additions, removals and modifications of files between each version of your website can be viewed in the CodeGuard dashboard.

The changes will appear in the Backup tab of your CodeGuard account in a graph like:
CodeGuard Graph

Once a change is detected, CodeGuard sends an email notification to inform you of what files have been changed. Only the changed files are transmitted to CodeGuard's servers to create a new backup for your website.

In the Settings tab, you can set your preferences for email notifications and notification filtering.

Email Notifications

There are two settings that can be toggled for email notifications:

  • Yes, send email notifiers - This setting will allow you to opt-in to email notifications and further choose how elaborate you'd like the notifications to be by also selecting a notification type.

  • No, do not send email notifiers - This setting will disable email notifications when files are edited. 

    CodeGuard notifications

Notification Filtering

There are two settings that can be toggled for notifications:

  • Yes, filter my notifications - This setting will disable notifications for common types of files, such as logs, cache, and statistics, which change frequently.

  • No, notify me when any file changes - This setting will allow you to receive notifications for all detected changes and not just a summary. 

    CodeGuard filtering