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Check that Your Nameservers Were Set Correctly

If you're having issues with your site, and can't figure out what's going on, it's often best to check that your nameservers were set up correctly.

Check the Nameservers and IP Addresses for a Domain

Nameservers, IP address and any other DNS record can be looked up by using an online DNS lookup tool. There are several that are available free of charge across the internet such as:

  • Leaf DNS

  • Network-Tools.com (for advanced users)

If you find that your DNS info isn't set up right (check the info you find during your DNS test with the info provided for you in your welcome email) and need some assistance let us know! We're here to help.

Causes of Incorrect DNS Information

If your DNS is wonky, it's likely because of one of two main issues: propagation or misinformation.


If nameservers have been updated within the past 48 hours, then the information listed in the DNS lookup tool will likely still reflect the older information or none at all—this is called propagation. In order to remedy this, you can go log into your domain's registrar and reference the new information if it is available, or you can wait out the remainder of the propagation period.


If the information is incorrect in the DNS lookup tool and there are not any DNS records propagating, the issue might be that the DNS was improperly added. Uh oh!

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