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Change Your Hostname

It is safe to change the hostname of your VPS, from the default 'vps.example.com', to 'anythingyouprefer.example.com' (go to Networking Setup, and thenHostname in WHM). However, there are some additional changes you will need to make, which are not outlined in the WHM documentation.

When you change the hostname, you must:

  • create a new A record for your new hostname
  • update your Cpanel license (avoid error messages by running the command /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt from the server's SSH Shell as Root)
  • regenerate the security certificate, if you have one (in WHM: SSL/TLS > Reset Server Certificates)
  • wait patiently for DNS propagation to take place (24-48 hours is common)

You can speed up DNS propagation by creating your A record BEFORE you change the hostname, to give it time to propagate before making the change. If you're in a hurry, set your TTL setting to a lower number. 

You can always use your VPS IP to connect to WHM or SSH if needed.


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