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Account Suspension Reasons

Why is My Account Suspended?

Billing Suspensions

Your account may display a suspended notice if you are more than 10 days past due on your bill.

A Small Orange invoices all accounts in advance of service. You'll receive one email notification the day the invoice is generated. You'll also receive another email notification when the account is past due, but still within 10 days. 

After 10 days, the account is suspended for non-payment. If you make a payment on the invoice, your account is reinstated. Submit a ticket to Billing if your account is paid up but hasn't been reinstated yet.

After 30 days, the account is marked Inactive and the invoice is deleted. If you want to renew the account at this point, you'll need to submit a ticketto Billing to have a new invoice generated for new service. Once the invoice is paid, we'll reinstate the account.

Accounts inactive for longer than 60 days may be removed at A Small Orange's discretion. If this happens, you'll need to go through the sign-up process again.

Other Suspensions

Your account may also be suspended for violations of Terms of Service, DMCA Take-down Notices, and other reasons. 
Please see our Abuse FAQ for more information on these issues.


Do you warn me that I am in danger of suspension for billing reasons?

Yes, we do. It is imperative to keep your email up to date with us. The email address on file for your billing account is where you receive all our invoices. We don't issue paper invoices; it's all done via email.

Ten days before your renewal date comes around, an invoice will generate for you. You'll get an email entitled "Customer Invoice." The "due date" will be listed. Five days after that "due date", if the invoice is still unpaid, you will get emailed a warning, entitled "First Invoice Overdue Notice". Nine days after the "due date", if the invoice is still unpaid, you will get emailed again, "Second Invoice Overdue Notice." The next day, your account will get suspended if the invoice is unpaid. 

If you are set up for automatic credit card billing, you'll also receive an email if your card gets declined for any reason. It will be entitled "Credit Card Payment failed."

When the due invoice is processed for payment and you're done, you'll get an email called "Invoice Payment Confirmation" with no errors and a valid transaction date.


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